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From a personal private experience to a public awareness, this project aspires to contain the complexity of carrying traumatic memories across generations. A stolen lover, an abandoned child, a heartbroken mother, silent watchers, conservative traditions, forced marriages, strict social morals... the story goes on.
This project is experimental, using photographs and videos, some are staged and planned, others are old footage from real family events, together, this project produces abstract scenes that are open to viewers' interpretations, making each scene relatable. 
First footage: A stolen lover, the apple of my eyes, a mere dream, mirage, trapped in secrecy, hidden inside the layers of my heart, reflected in my eye, that is what he is, a mere reflection, waving, I smile, I am shy, but I am formidable too, I am strong, I let go, but I dream of him, when I look outside my window.
The project use the medium of filmmaking to express the complexity of pain and sorrow, using time to represent timelessness, where there are no difference between past, present and future. Pain transcends to it all, but takes a new form. With footage that is not connected to certain timeline or narrative, the final video (ongoing) can start from any scene, and it goes on loop, never ending, embodying this idea of continuity, of repetition, or transcendence. 

Transcendence  ongoing project 

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